Following a discussion on a facebook group, I came up with the idea of ​​making this small tutorial on slack scraping and the enrichment of the obtained data

Scrape data

Script : to depoluate the script, copy & paste in a notepad or a txt editor, and then put it in the console

var members = {
return {
'firstName': member.profile.first_name,
'lastName': member.profile.last_name,
'profileImage': member.profile.image_original,
'title': member.profile.title,



Convert json on csv


Go to & select the following api

Follow the “how to” & Enjoy…

For the “unfinded profiles”

The main reason to the “unfinded profiles” is the use of  “work email” in slack & and “personal email” in linkedin – Phantombuster can’t match this.

But we can easily find name & last name with professional email by pattern.

In a googlespreadheet we can separate text in column using certain type of caracteres : using “@” as a markup or “.”to isolate lastname & firstname

Then you can run another phantombuster Api.