11 mai 2019

Slack scraping session


Pierre-André Fortin

Following a discussion on a facebook group, I came up with the idea of making this small tutorial on slack scraping and the enrichment of the obtained data. This article was wrote on May 2019... a lot of change happened since...

Update June 2020 - unfortunately the script method doesn't work anymore... now to scrape slack you just need to use Phantom Buster API dedicated to Slack... to obtain the best result... choose the general channel & scrape this one...

After this step - go to the enrichment section...

We had lost a lot with the end of Sales Navigator Extension (raportive) since March 2020.

The email to Url profile finder doesn't work anymore... 🙁 

To enrich data 2 options....

  • Linkedin Profile Url Finder from PhantomBuster
  • Upload the email funded in your Linkedin contacts - Work with Linkedin Sales Navigator & Recruiter...

For more details, Nicolas Darcis write a great article about how to scrape slack nowadays... https://www.sourcecon.com/scraping-slack/

Scrape data

Script : to depoluate the script, copy & paste in a notepad or a txt editor, and then put it in the console

var members = TS.model.members.map(function(member) {
return {
'firstName': member.profile.first_name,
'lastName': member.profile.last_name,
'profileImage': member.profile.image_original,
'email': member.profile.email,
'title': member.profile.title,
'telephone': member.profile.phone,
'timezone': member.tz


Convert json on csv


Go to https://phantombuster.com/ & select the following api

Follow the “how to” & Enjoy...

For the “unfinded profiles"

The main reason to the "unfinded profiles" is the use of  “work email" in slack & and "personal email" in linkedin - Phantombuster can’t match this.

But we can easily find name & last name with professional email by pattern.

In a googlespreadheet we can separate text in column using certain type of caracteres : name.lastname@domain.com using “@” as a markup or “.”to isolate lastname & firstname

Then you can run another phantombuster Api.


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